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Michael ruge

Hi, I'm Michael Ruge and I've been providing problem resolution consulting expertise for more than 30 years!

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Hi, I am Michael Ruge.  I have helped several CEOs (retired and still active) most of whom own multi-million dollar companies. We know problem solving. Before you spend money any more time on a critical problem or issue, whether its internal or external operation business processes, a specific project at hand, employee retention or recruiting practices, or optimization, consider All Ways Solutions. We analyze the issue and solve the problem. All Ways Solutions provides skilled, industry-specific experts who will work on-site to help you solve the problem, affordably and timely. Contact Michael Ruge at [email protected] // ]]]]]]]]> // ]]]]]]> // ]]]]>]]> I am a deal making machine who gets things done. As an "entrepreneur" I have created several, successful enterprises. As an "intrapreneur" I have advised and lent my consulting expertise to several large corporations and/or entities, resulting in multiplying the third bottom line (people, planet, profits). I live my life by my standards and my rules, attacking challenges as they come up. I am a good-natured, happy, peaceful man, always willing to help. I live in a state of positive energy. I am the guiding light for my family and loved ones, an incredible supporter, always doing the right thing. I am an adventurer, a world traveler, a seeker of new limits.

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Travel, Professional Networking, Gourmet Food, Community Service, Family, creating new biz, saving the planet

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